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Just sign in to Chrome to sync your bookmarks, history, and other settings between all your devices. Sign in to Chrome and sync. Integrate your Google contacts with those on your mobile device, or learn how to import and export contacts from different email accounts.

Sync mobile contacts Import and export contacts. The best solution, if you are using a basic phone, is to copy contacts to the SIM card from your old phone and then move them to your new phone. Another way could be to seek help of your computer. But if your previous phone was a smartphone too then chances are that you used Google Contacts to sync your contacts to the cloud.

The best possible way here is to add Google email service to the phone. When you do that contacts synchronize automatically. Here are the steps:. Step 1: Flick the Start Screen towards the left to reach the detailed list of applications. Navigate to Settings. Step 2: Tap to open the option. Step 3: An Van Hove Dec 11, David Dec 11, Was wondering how to transfer contacts from my windows fone to new android fone and was relieved to find your instructions. However, when I tried to access the net with old fone, no connection!

Only new fone connects to internet! Now what? Suyash Dec 10, Elmaz Dec 04, Ishan Dec 03, I was really worried that how my windows contacts will get transferred in to my new android. Yoy really made it s easy. Naveen Nov 26, Excellent worked well. The email contacts that got copied deleted them and ported only the contacts with telephone numbers.

Great help. Mini Nov 23, Yazeed Nov 23, Arpit Jain Nov 12, Harshad Nov 06, Roli Oct 29, Ataur Rahman Oct 28, Varadh Oct 27, My contacts in my windows phone are not getting synced to my hotmail account and vice versa though I have added the account on my phone and tried syncing it a lot of times.

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Any pointers would be helpful. Not helping, yet.

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My wife has an Lumia and for some reason it is not syncin the contacts. Yes, we have enabled contacts sync. Yes, we have checked that all contacts should be visible in people-tab. Still nothing. Got it! So it helped when we managed to open after some fight the original windows live-account that was in the phone wife wasn't using it. Funny still, that it didn't sync anything to the new one we did for this. It should have. After this little hick up, everything worked in two minutes. Thank you for this really clear how-to-guide. Sneha Oct 25, Its really helpful..

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Thanks a lot Sir.. I could copy all my contacts within 10 mins: Nvr thought it can be so easy to copy contacts. Dilip Oct 20, Dave H Oct 08, Any way to get just the contacts that are in the phone transferred to the new phone? Not ALL the Gmail contacts? Shivani Sep 28, Lalit Pant Sep 24, Thanks for the Post.

It is realy helpful. I have transferred all my contacts from Windows to Android sucessfully. ASHU Sep 21, Sundar Jan 03, Aravind Sep 13, Vijay Rana Sep 04, Jeff Sep 02, Rahul Aug 31, Anand Aug 24, Mayur Aug 23, D wanna gve u a jhappi wid a pappi…: D thia article helpd me a lott..

Ranojoy Aug 18, Aladin Aug 15, Teet Aug 11, Tnx a lot, got my contacts from my wp 7. Sherry Z Jul 26, Astro Gator Jul 22, Z Jul 22, Hannibal Jul 06, Even the kind person at my local ATT could not import my contacts. This worked easily for me!! But for those contacts with more than 10 digits, for eg the no. Hence there is a DOT inbetween the no. In such case How could i get the contacts transfered? Sridhar Jun 27, Thanks a lot dude… it worked for me.. I lost all my contacts on my android, but i had on my old windows phone. Matteo Massarelli Jun 24, Faizan Feb 06, Kishore Jun 22, Hi, I was trying to update my contact list from a windows phone to an android phone.

I tried different suggestions but none of them worked. I almost gave up and thought I might have to do it manually before I found your suggestion. Within 10 minutes of using your steps, all my contacts were transferred into my new phone. Thank you very much for providing such a wonderful step by step procedure. Regards, Kishore.

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Thanks — that worked for me! But I now have many duplicate contacts in my Galaxy s5 — I think it got most from the SIM card — but not all — this procedure got the rest. Any routine for removing duplicate contacts on the phone? Or just plod through it? For the duplicates in the SIM card, i think that you have to remove them manually from your phone. Sumit Kumar Bhagat Jun 18, Parvathy Avanoor Jun 08, Sri Jun 01, Nikita May 03, Akshat Jain May 02, Biswajit Pal May 02, Junaid May 02, I was having Nokia Windows phone and recently I purchased new Sony Xperia Anroid phone and I was trying to transfer almost my contacts from my old windows phone to new Sony Xperia but didn't suceed in that.

Then I contacted both the service centre's Nokia as well as Sony to fix the issue but both the officials refused by saying that this is not part of service and they dont know actually how to do it, then I gone through with this site and I transferred all my contacts myself within a minute to my new phone. Such a useful information you have shared, thanks a lot and God bless you. I have a lot of contacts there that I don't want in my phone or don't have numbers for…. Teemu Apr 09, I would have never thought It's this easy to sync contacts from WP to Android! Props to both platforms and many thanks to you for an excellent tutorial!

Siddhant Dash Mar 30, Don Mar 24, Even sync process had been completed in my phone, but when I checked on hotmail account, there's no any contact. Sk Mar 24, Shaa Mar 23, Alex Mar 11, So Easy and quick. Thank you so much for sharing such useful piece of information. Deepak Feb 25, Swati Mar 15, Manuele Aug 21, Follow Francesco' suggestion above and you'll see that it's nothing to do with Microsoft but with your abilities in dealing with technology: Shreepad S M Gandhi Aug 29, It works. And before abusing Microsoft, check if your competency is adequate to use it.

If not, first learn to use that before complaining. I have nothing against Android or Windows. Both of few merits and demerits. Keep cool dude. Francesco Jan 06, What if I just sync my various email accounts hotmail, outlook, office, gmail with the mobile? Doesn't the android mobile automatically sync contacts, calendar and activities?

How to Add Your Google Contacts to Windows Phone 8

By using the above procedure you can have transfer all your contacts into one place gmail account. Manuel Aug 21, I agree with Francesco, you only need to sync your emails with your mobile. Not sure why you want to have all the contacts on gmail you can always do that from the mobile if you want to. Most people want to have the contacts on their phone and not use gmail.

How do you managed that? If you are unable to export the contacts from live. At long last a simple and coherent answer to what I thought was a simple question but which the EE store from which I bought the android phone and the EE technical team on the phone could not answer! At least the latter did refer me to wintips. If only I knew about this website earlier I would have saved many fruitless hours. Thank you so much!

How to Add Your Google Contacts to Windows Phone 8

Even the guy at Verizon, who spent about 40 minutes trying to do it, could not make it happen. Huge relief, I donated to your site, thanks again.

Mags Mar 26, Anthony Apr 22, Macca Sep 25, It works for transferring numbers, but does not transfer the photo that I had stored for many of my close contacts. How do I make the Windows Phone contact photos transfer over to my Android? Note I have lost windows phone so I was retrieving the contacts through outlook. Joe Kamaa Nov 08, This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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