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It will forever be the ultimate geek fone. I cant see what a geek and tinkerer would like about Symbian, maybe u r just too much nostalgic but if u r not then N will fulfill all ur wet dreams. It bes Windows 7 was good onli because Vista was so insanely bad, ofcors everything would appear to be great after the great failure they called Vista. Same with WP7, its good because WinMo has been so insanely bad in the past.

  • Nfc Interactor gives N9,C7,603,700,701 full Access to NFC Tags!! Available free at Nokia store.?
  • The vOICe MIDlet for Camera Phones: Augmented Reality for the Blind.
  • QuickBeer, an app for Symbian/MeeGo.
  • Download i-nigma Reader.
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  • You dont need much to better a total failure. Like Chinese cars, they can overtake my dead grandma in her wheelchair but its still the worst cars in the world. Measure WP7 against the best and things dont look quite as well, its gonna be hard to convince ppl that they can build this ecosystem they want around Nokia WP7, its gonna be hard to attract developers and enthusiasts to make it possible.

    Android is a speeding train now, its momentum is great, its gonna take more than two former colleagues with suit and tie to slow it down.

    Symbian Belle Applications

    These old men have no antennas to where the normal average ppl are, ofcors they dont know what normal ppl want. Doomed to fail, in Nokia will announce Android, there is no way around it before the next big thing comes around in or so. Rajesh, 11 Feb Microsoft and Symbian are epics of mobile industry. They have seen their golden times but now I loved it with its tree structure but today people would laugh at it..

    Free Qr Code Reader Nokia C7 Java Apps

    I dont,i love reversing back the date to get symbian apps working,i love downloading cab files and executing then on the device. Todays people just want the app to downlload and thats it,i cant blame them thats how a device should work. But what about us tinkeres ,the folk who thrive of tweaking ,apple is not a smartfone cause it cant work without a computer and android is for simpletons.

    Barcode Scanner App for Android and iOS Scans into Word and Excel

    Its symbian and windows thats kept me entertained. Its been a sad and very odd day today,it really has.: Mobilemaster, 11 Feb I hope that they will make Android devices! Android is better than the WP7 OS! I hope that Nok It bests Android and makes it look just plain ugly.

    Best Apps for Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones

    Its smooth like the iphone, but with much better UI. Dont knock it or look at videos and assume.

    Get ready - check your mobile and your service

    U must go and play with one for an hr or so and see what they have to offer. This is nothing like windows mobile from before. Android and Google better beware, because this OS is serious business and Microsoft has the money to compete with anyone. I have owned 5 androids, 3 symbians, n, and older windows mobile devices. None of these compare and thats the honest truth.